NKS architects(エヌ・ケイ・エス・アーキテクツ)は、福岡を拠点として活動する建築設計事務所です。
建物の種類やコストにかかわらず、よいデザインとはその建物の価値を高め、街の環境を改善し、 そこで暮らす人々の生活を豊かにするものだと私たちは信じています。
社会、経済、文化、技術、環境といった様々なコンテクストの中から、 人間のための魅力的空間を合理性に基づいて創造してゆく作業です。

NKS architectswas established by two architects who has professional experience in Tokyo, Amsterdam and Fukuoka. We have been working on archtiectural design and city planning. Every single piece of building should be working for the city, while gigantic city planning has to be formated from each building. Whatever the size of the building, good design extends the value of the buildings and modify the city environment.

The design cannot be superficial fassion nor symple technology. It is the ceaseless work of casting the human space from interwoven context like society, economy, culture, technology, and environment. NKS archtiects are constantly studying about the possibe future of architecture and city through the design activity.

NKS architects

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